Sunday, January 31, 2016

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Broke lhf in weekly chart. New diff created, broke and close above diff and 5025.  Need to close above 5025 for 2-3 days for more upside
Potential resistance around  TLD3, TLU3, 5,138,  TLD4, 5,266, TLD5, TLU2, 5,316
Potential support around 5,025, TLU4, 4,833, TLD1, 4,696

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Broke lhf 4ET and closed above daily and weekly diff.  Also broke lhf in weekly chart.
Need to close above weekly diff (17,741) for 2-3 days for upside to continue
Sharp increased in COT buying interest even before BOJ announced negative interest rate
Potential resistance around 17,890, TLU2, 18,565, 19,092, TLU3, 19,740
Potential support around  17,328, TLD2, 16,896, 16,581, TLU4, 15,418

Hong Kong
Daily DT, Weekly DT
New weekly diff formed.  broke daily diff and manage to close above TLD1.  Need to overcome TLD2 to continue the short term bullish
Potential resistance around TLD2, 20,011, TLU2, TLD4, 21,080, 21,682
Potential support around 19,073, TLD1,  TLU3, 18,051, 16,648

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly DT
New weekly diff is formed.  Resisted by daily diff and TLD1.  Still in consolidation.  If can broke and stay above TLD1 for 2-3 days, can see short term bullish else may try to cover the gap on Mar 2009
Potential resistance around  8,637, TLD1, 9,006, 9,195, TLD2
Potential support around  8,102, TLU3, 6,727, 5,939, 4,990

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Broke lhf in weekly chart.  Broke lhf 3ET in daily chart closed above weekly diff.  Need to continue to close above TLD2 for 2-3 days for more upside
Potential resistance around  TLD3, 6,297, TLU2, 6,429, 6,578
Potential support around 6,125, TLD1, 6,070, TLD2, 6,010, 5,894, TLU1, 5,768

Daily DT, Weekly DT
New diff formed and closed within the diff.  In consolidation, despite bullishness in US on Fri, failed to push it higher.  Need to be caution. Need to break and close above 9,924 for 2-3 days for more upside
Potential resistance around 9,942, 10,189, TLU4, 10,653
Potential support around TLU1, 9,679, 9,468, TLD1, 9,216, 8,928, 8,758

Daily DT, Weekly DT
New weekly diff formed.  Broke lhf on weekly chart and closed above weekly diff.  TLD3 is the next trend resistance to overcome and potential trend reversal.
Potential resistance around  7,538, 7,682, TLD3, 7,817, TLU2, 7,929
Potential support around 7,417, 7,216, 7,100, 6,887

Key event to watch out  (SG Time)
01 Feb, Mon

  • 0900 CNY Manufacturing PMI (Jan)
  • 0945 CNY Caixin Manufacturing PMI (Jan)  
  • 1655 EUR German Manufacturing PMI (Jan)  
  • 1730 GBP Manufacturing PMI (Jan)
  • 2300 USD ISM Manufacturing PMI (Jan)
02 Feb, Tue
  • 1130 AUD Interest Rate Decision (Feb)
  • 1330 INR Interest Rate Decision 
  • 1655 EUR German Unemployment Change (Jan) 
  • 1730 GBP Construction PMI (Jan)
03 Feb, Wed
  • 0545 NZD Employment Change (QoQ) (Q4)  
  • 1730 GBP Services PMI (Jan) 
  • 2115 USD ADP Nonfarm Employment Change (Jan)
  • 2300 USD ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (Jan) 
  • 2330 USD Crude Oil Inventories
04 Feb, Thu
  • 2000 GBP Interest Rate Decision (Feb)  
05 Feb, Fri
  • 0830 AUD Retail Sales (MoM) (Dec)
  • 2130 USD  Nonfarm Payrolls (Jan) 
  • 2130 USD Unemployment Rate (Jan)
  • 2130 CAD Employment Change (Jan)
  • 2300 CAD Ivey PMI (Jan)

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