Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indices Performance Chart - 09 Jan 16

The markets hit a recent high on 29 Dec 15 and huge sell down after 2015 ended
Most of the Asia markets closed around the strong trend support area (while some had breached below it), may see potential technical rebound.  Good company earning will be one of the data to support the markets. If the markets unable to recover, expect to see more sell down.  On the positive side is COT buying interest are picking up for US and Japan futures.

Instruments that show buying interest (3) from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)

  • None
  • None
  • S&P (increased for 1st week)
  • Russell (1) (increased for 1st week)

(1) COT Index >= 90, Buying interest at extreme
(2) COT Index <= 10, Selling interest at extreme
(3) COT Index >= 70, rising COT Index, monitor for trend reversal
Down Trend and Up Trend is based on 50 Simple Moving Average 

DOW, S&P and Nasdaq have room to go down further before testing the strong trend support

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Potential resistance around 16,503, 16,745, 17,083, 17,271
Potential support around 16,246, 15581, TLU3, 15,376, 14,812

Daily DT, Weekly Neutral
Potential resistance around 1,930, 1,973, TLD2, 1,996
Potential support around TLD1, 1,886, TLU2, 1,820, 1,737

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Potential resistance around 4,347, TLU6, TLU1, 4,537, TLU9
Potential support around 4,271, 4,193, TLU2, TLD1, 4,089, 3,956

Daily DT, Weekly DT

Had broke the box and strong support 1082 level
Potential resistance around TLD2, 1,049, 1,082, 1,114, TLU2
Potential support around 1,009, 951, 899

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