Sunday, January 24, 2016

Indices Performance Chart - 23 Jan 16

Global markets rebounded on Thur and Fri after ECB signal to have more stimulus while speculation on Japan and China may also take steps to calm markets.

Instruments that show buying interest (3) from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)

  • None

  • None

  • DOW (increased for 3rd week)
  • S&P (increased for 3rd week)
  • Nasdaq (increased for 3rd week)
  • Russell (1) (increased for few weeks)

(1) COT Index >= 90, Buying interest at extreme
(2) COT Index <= 10, Selling interest at extreme
(3) COT Index >= 70, rising COT Index, monitor for trend reversal
Down Trend and Up Trend is based on 50 Simple Moving Average 

This week DOW had tested one of the strong trend support (TLU3) and managed to closed above the support while Nasdaq managed to close above strong trend support (TLU2).  US created a new recent low on Wed and broke lhf on Thur and Fri. No doubt COT buying interest is rising but still need to be caution.

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Potential resistance around 16,246, 16,503, 16,745, 17,083, 17,271
Potential support around  15581, TLU3, 15,376, 14,812
Daily DT, Weekly DT
Potential resistance around  1,930, 1,973, TLD2, 1,996, 2,028
Potential support around TLD1, 1,886, TLU2, 1,820, 1,737

Daily DT, Weekly Neutral
Potential resistance around 4,271, 4,347, TLU6, TLU1, 4,537, TLD2, TLU9
Potential support around  4,193, TLU2, TLD1, 4,089, 3,956

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Potential resistance around TLD2, 1,049, 1,082, 1,114, TLU2
Potential support around 1,009, 951, 899

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