Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dollar Index wild swing but closed with little change

Broke TLU3, TLD2 and TLU4 and recovered, resisted by TLU3.  Dollar Index need to break this week high (99.88)  and TLD2 will be the trend support.  Break below TLD2 for 2-3 days will bring short term bearish on the dollar index.
Resistance at  99.8, TLU3, 100.3
Support at TLU4, TLD2, 98.3, 97.3, 96.3

USD Impact currencies/Gold/Crude(wow)

Weekly chart with 50 SMA

COT on Forex

As per my sharing on JPY last 2 weeks, if you long, time to take partial/full profit as it hit one of the strong resistance range

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