Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dollar Index may break soon

On weekly chart, Dollar Index formed an inside day (=> directionless) . TLU3 is an important support, closing below TLU3 for 2-3 days show short term weakness.  Closing above TLD2 for 2-3 days is a breakout, short term bullish
Resistance at TLD2, 99.8, 100.3
Support at TLU3, 98.3, 97.3, 96.3

USD Impact currencies/Gold/Crude(wow)

Weekly chart with 50 SMA

COT at extreme

  • GBP COT buying interest at extreme  
    • Can monitor for short term trade to go long with LHF 2ET
  • JPY COT Selling interest at extreme
    • Can monitor for short term trade to go short with HLF 2ET

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