Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dollar Index broke out

Broke out on Thur and tested 99.8 but end up with -roc.  Fri formed inside day.  Dollar Index need to continue to close above TLD2 for more upside.
Resistance at  99.8, 100.3
Support at TLD2, TLU3, TLU4, 98.3, 97.3, 96.3

USD Impact currencies/Gold/Crude(wow)

Weekly chart with 50 SMA

COT on Forex
It is a coincidence or something that I am not aware of but it seem commodities related currencies buying interest are building up.
GBP and JPY COT remained at extreme


JPY (USDJPY) had broke lhf in 2ET on daily chart.  On weekly chart, it formed outside day with new diff.  Overall, it look good.
GBP (GBPUSD) waiting for 2ET.

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