Sunday, May 31, 2015

Indices short term support and resistance

DT.  It broke short term trend resistance last week, resisted at 5,752.  Failing to stay above above Diff 5,714, will see more sell down
Strong support around 5,580, tested for 3 weeks.  Resisted by Diff RL
Potential resistance around 5,752, 5,845 and 5,932
Potential support around 5,665, 5,617 and 5,800

UT.  Create new high again and a new Diff is formed.  Diff SL supported
Potential resistance around 20,900^, 22,500^
Potential support around 20,357, 20,237, 20,114 and 19,973
^Est figure using chart provided by Yahoo finance

Hong Kong
UT.  New diff is formed, trade below Daily and weekly Diff and broke trend support.  An outside day is formed on a weekly chart.  It is consolidating between 26,933 and 28,620
Potential resistance around 28,213, 28,460, 28,620 and 28,871.
Potential support around 27,262, 26,933, and 26,681

Hong Kong China H-Shares
UT. New Diff is formed and trade below Diff.  Supported by weekly Diff.  It is consolidating between 14,916 and 13,686.  Failing to stay above 13,686, may see lowering to cover the gap between 2 and 8 Apr.
Potential resistance around 14,513, 14,621, 14,773 and 14,873
Potential support around 14,047, 13,686, 13,021 and 12,404

UT.  Outside dat formed on weekly and daily chart.  Trading along rising wedge support.  No clear direction.
Potential resistance around 7,047, 7,079 and 7,105
Potential support around 6,949 and 6,919

DT. On Tue, it broke daily Diff and formed outside day followed by 2 inside day.  On Fri, it broke down and closed the week abut 3% lower.  It tested trend support and closed above the trend support
Potential resistance around 11,471, 11,893, 11,994 and 12,238
Potential support around 11,326, 11,216 and 10,930

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT. 
A false break out on Mon and Tue.  On Wed, it broke down and continue to sell down on Fri.  Short term seem to be lowering.
Potential resistance around 3,405 and 3,450
Potential support around 3,355, 3,330 and 3,301

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Waiting to short when price move higher, preferable at channel resistance.
Potential resistance around 8,441, 8,530 and 8,578
Potential support around 8,358, 8,223 and 8,127

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