Sunday, May 24, 2015

Potential Trade (23 May 15)

Gold, Silver and Platinum
Daily UT, Weekly DT
After moving higher to test resistance on Mon (18 May), sharp pulled back on Tue (19 May)  and consolidating around support region COT buying interest for Gold and Silver decreased sharply for this week

  • potential Resistance 1,212, 1,222, 1,232 and 1,266
  • potential Support 1,193, 1,184 and 1,170
  • potential Resistance 17.19, 17.47, 17.78 and 18.00
  • potential Support 17.09, 16.68, 16.45 and 16.32
  • potential Resistance 1,164, 1,177 and 1,187
  • potential Support 1,142, 1,122 and 1,093

Daily UT, Weekly DT,
Copper down by 5% this week and pierce thru 280 support.  COT selling interest is at extreme.
potential Resistance 280, 289 and 295
potential Support 275 (strong support) and 265

Daily UT, Weekly DT
New Diff formed. Took profit on Tue and enter again on Thur when broke lhf.
potential Resistance 520, 529 and 536
potential Support 507, 489 and 480

Soybean Oil
Daily UT, Weekly DT
Broke Diff SL on Mon and tested again Tue.  Fri formed hlf 2ET.
Looking to take partial when hit 31.30 and 30.80 or broke pdh
potential Resistance 32.34 and 32.67
potential Support 31.30, 30.80 and 30.37

Coffee Arabica
Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
looking to long on breaking next lhf. Size: Small


UT, looking to long after retracement to channel support
Consolidating for 4 weeks, thur and fri closed above daily and weekly Diff. 
potential Resistance 2.102 and 2.176
potential Support 1.985 (strong support) and 1.938

UT, looking to long after retracement to channel support or trend support
Long on Thur when broke lhf, we closed with doji and sl was triggered on Fri.
potential Resistance 64.38 and 65.01
potential Support 62.53 and 62.17

Orange Juice
Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
COT buying interest at extreme, MA turning from DT to neutral
Will goes small and short term trade on lhf 2et
potential Resistance 120.3, 123.7 and 129.7
potential Support 111.5, 108.2 and 105.0

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