Sunday, May 31, 2015

Potential Trade (30 May 15)

Gold and Silver
Daily UT, Weekly DT
After the sell down on Tue, a new diff is formed and small range for last few days.  COT little change

  • potential Resistance 1,207, 1,212, and 1,225
  • potential Support 1,184, 1,178 and 1,149
  • potential Resistance 17.13, 17.71, 17.78 and 18.00
  • potential Support 16.68, 16.55 and 16.32

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
After the sell down on Tue, it continue to go lower for next 2 days.  The next support level is 1,093
potential Resistance 1,126, 1,150, and 1,164
potential Support 1,093

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
In consolidation mode and forming symmetrical triangle.  Waiting for break out or break down.  Little change on COT.
potential Resistance 800, 8192, and 831
potential Support 770, 754 and 727

Daily UT, Weekly DT
Continue to go lower, pierce theur strong support 275 on Fri, next support level is 265.3.  COT selling interest rebounded strongly but still at extreme.
potential Resistance 280, 289 and 295
potential Support 265 and 252

UT, pierce thru channel support, broke lhf and rebounded.  Still within the consolidating range.  To continue with more upside, need to break 2.102 and close above for 2-3 days
potential Resistance 2.102 and 2.176
potential Support 1.985 (strong support) and 1.938

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
Broke Diff on Tue and continue to trade lower, broke trend resistance.  No sign of picking up yet.  SL was triggered
potential Resistance 480, 489 and 507
potential Support 470 and 463

Soybean Oil
Daily UT, Weekly DT
Formed new diff and rebounded strong on Fri.  Did not hit tp, took smaller profit
potential Resistance 33.52 and 34.60
potential Support 32.34, 31.57 and 31.30

Coffee Arabica
DT.  Looking to long on breaking next Diff. Seem trend supported. COT buying interest at extreme.  Size: Small

UT, looking to long after retracement to channel support or trend support
potential Resistance 65.01 and 65.83
potential Support 63.12 and 62.17

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