Sunday, May 17, 2015

Abbreviation and Legend

Abbreviation Description
+ROC Closing price > Opening Price
-ROC Closing price < Opening Price
Diff One of the V3Go Technique (default is daily)
Diff RL Diff Resistance Level
Diff SL Diff Support Level
DT Down Trend, 50 SMA pointing down
ET V3Go Entry Technique
HLF Higher Low Formation (The low is getting higher)

Typically used to short in DT if the price broke pdl
LHF Lower High Formation (The high is getting lower)

Typically used to long in UT if the price broke pdh
Outside Day In V3Go mean potential start of a new Trend
pdh Previous Day High
pdl Previous Day Low
pwh Previous Week High
pwl Previous Week Low
Small ROC opening and closing prices are almost the same (Doji)
TAOs One of the V3Go Technique (default is daily)
Taos RL Taos Resistance Level
Taos SL Taos Support Level
UT Up Trend, 50 SMA pointing up


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