Sunday, May 17, 2015

Indices Performance Chart - 16 May 15

Europe and Asia closed lower this week while US closed higher.  Australia is the best performer (up more than 2%) while China A50 and Germany down nearly by 2%.

Instruments that show buying interest from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)


  • Dow (increased for 2nd week)
  • Nasdaq (increased for 2nd week)
  • S&P (decreased for 1st week)
  • Russell (increased for 2nd week), highest level since 2014

Once again US indices tested support level on Tue and rebounded and closed with small ROC.  This week CFD for Dow and S&P broke all time high while cash markets yet to break.  Nasdaq and Russell both closed with a Doji on Fri.  Dow, S&P and Russell broke pwh.  Ascending triangle formed on Dow and S&P, do monitor for potential break out or break down as Indices seem to be trying to look for direction.

Most of my hedge positions SL was triggered except for Nasdaq and Russell.  Small long positions was added on 13 May (wed) when broke lhf.

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