Sunday, May 17, 2015

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily DT, Weekly UT
New Diff created and trade above Diff, resisted by Trend resistance and weekly Diff SL
Potential resistance around 5,760 and 5,840
Potential support around 5,680, 5,500 and 5,320

UT.  Tested 19,770 resistance level twice.  Broke pwh but closed below pwh.
Potential resistance around 19,770, 20,360 and 20,240
Potential support around 19,130 and 18,870

Hong Kong
UT.  Broke out of symmetrical and descending triangle on Fri (15 May) and tested 27,970 resistance (weekly Diff SL).  New Diff created.
Potential resistance around 27,970, 28,210 and 28,615.
Potential support around 27,120, 27,055, 26,690 and 25,580

Hong Kong China H-Shares
UT. Broke out of symmetrical and descending triangle on Fri (15 May).  New Diff created.  Based on weekly chart, this instrument look weak.  

Need to break pwh and closed above pwh for more upside.
Potential resistance around 14,100 and 14,500
Potential support around 13,670, 13,030 and 12,415

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT.
Tested trend support on Thu (14 May) and closed with a Doji on Fri. 
New Diff is formed and resisted by Trend resistance.  Will continue to watch for break out or break down.  Overall it look weak.
Potential resistance around 7,075 and 7,100
Potential support around 6,945, 6,915 and 6,895

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT
Move within Diff, Price below MA.  Looking to short if break hlf, SL will be Diff RL.
Potential resistance around 11,751 and 11,995
Potential support around 11,295, 10,930 and 10,570

UT.  New Diff formed, resisted by Trend resistance.  Weekly chart closed with a Doji and is inside day.
Potential resistance around 3,473, 3,488 and 3,516
Potential support around 3,453, 3,425 and 3,388

Daily DT, Weekly UT
On a weekly chart, hover around MA for 3 weeks and closed with Doji for 2 weeks.  This week closed with inside day.
For 3 weeks, it trade within the range of 8,120 and 8,342
More in favour to short when price move higher, preferable at channel resistance.
Potential resistance around 8,340, 8,435 and 8,635
Potential support around 8,000 and 7,820

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