Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indices Performance Chart - 28 Mar 15

After hitting into resistance level, most markets are pulling back this week as much as 3%.


Instruments that show buying interest from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)
Up Trend

  • Dow (decreased for 1st week)
  • Nasdaq (decreased for 1st week)
  • S&P (sharp increased for 1st week)
  • Russell (marginally increased for 1st week)

As per my sharing last week, this week need to be caution.  In daily chart, US markets broke pdl (previous day low).  US markets hit the week low on Thur and rebounded when tested the minor support.  On Fri, US markets closed with +ROC (close price > open price) while Russell and DOW broke pdh (previous day high).  US markets may have a  technical rebound before testing trend channel support or 50 MA (weekly).  Go slow for coming weeks until more clearer sign.

Added more hedge positions on Tue when broke pdl. Took partial on my hedge positions when broke pdh on Fri

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