Sunday, March 1, 2015

Potential Trade (28 Feb 15)

I will be on a look out for the potential trades below for any breakout (ascending triangle) or breakdown (descending triangle).  I prefer to wait for the bar to close above (ascending triangle)  or below (descending triangle) for confirmation.  The potential tp (target price) are indicative and may varies between service provider.

HK China H-Shares
PBOC cut interest rates over the weekend, this instrument may break out on Mon when market open.  If market open with gap up, it is important that trading price must be +ROC (trading price above open price).  Do watch out for Mon closing to confirm the potential break out.

UK 100 (FTST 100)
The instrument potential may have a break out with some of the important data that will be release this week.
  • Mon - UK Nationwide HPI and UK Manufacturing PMI
  • Tue - Construction PMI
  • Wed - Service PMI
  • Thu - Interest Rate Decision

CAD was rather greatly affected by commodities and crude oil price.  Oil Sand industry in Canada created jobs, FDI (foreign direct investment) etc that help Canada economy.  
To trade breakdown is trading against trend (UT), thus TP (Target Profit) could be limited.

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