Sunday, March 29, 2015

Potential Trade (28 Mar 15)

UT, Long on 18 Mar and 23 Mar, took partial on 26 Mar and closed all on 27 Mar

New Diff formed and closed below, wait to break LHF
If closed below trend support, will not trade

DT, Long on 18 Mar, SL triggered on 27 Mar
Broke trend support, wait to test next strong support level around 700 region before entering on LHF

Heating Oil 
UT, Long on 23 Mar, break lhf 
Trading above Diff, add position on next LHF break
Will not trade and cut loss if goes below Diff SL

From Neutral to UT, plan to long

COT is picking up but yet to hit above 90
Trading below Diff SL.  Wait for next break on LHF or above Diff RL

Cocoa Bulk Bean (UK) (3)
From UT to DT, plan to long
wait to break LHF and Diff RL
if can test trend support and rebound will be a better trade

DT, plan to long
COT above 90, wait to break weekly LHF and weekly Diff RL before entering a trade

Rough Rice
DT, plan to long
COT above 90, consolidating for 2 months, monitoring for break out/down, hovering around Diff SL

DT, plan to long
COT above 90, potential ascending triangle, may try with short term trading if break weekly Diff RL


DT, plan to long
COT above 90, ascending Triangle, seem trying to break out but trading below weekly Diff, waiting for clearer signal


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