Sunday, February 14, 2016

Indices short term support and resistance

Most of the markets had broke recent low.  I will goes for short term trading till break and close above recent high for a period.

Daily DT, Weekly DT
The sell down continue for last 2 weeks.  Need to continue to stay above TLD1 for support and overcome TLU6 for more short term upside.  To be bullish again, need to break and close recent high 5,074.

Potential resistance around TLU6, TLU4, 5,025, TLD3, TLU3, 5,138, TLD4
Potential support around  4,833, TLD1, 4,696, 4,601, 4,351

Daily DT, Weekly DT
New Diff is created.  Short term trend resistance at TLD2.  Need to break and close recent high 17,890 for 2-3 days for potential bullish again.  COT buying interest dipped below extreme but still worth to monitor for potential change of trend.

Potential resistance around TLU5, TLD2, TLU4, 16,581, 16,896, 17,328,  17,890
Potential support around  15,418, 14,366, 13,843, 13,315, 12,411

Hong Kong
Daily DT, Weekly DT
Consolidated for weeks and gapped down after long holiday.  Short term resistance at TLU3. Technical rebound may cover the gap between 5 Feb and 11 Feb. To be bullish again, need to break and closed above 19,750.

Potential resistance around TLU3, TLD1, 19,073, TLD2, 20,011, TLU2, TLD4
Potential support around 18,051, 16,648, TLD3, 14,958, 13,819

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly DT
Similiar to HK, consolidating and gapped down when open after long holiday.  May try to cover the gap on Mar 2009.  Short term resistance at TLD1.  To be bullish again, need to break and closed above weekly Diff 8,440.

Potential resistance around TLU3, TLD1, 8,102, 8,637, TLD2, 9,006
Potential support around 6,727, 5,939, 4,990

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Broke recent low, new diff is formed.  6,125 is the level to watch if can closed and stay above, potential to be bullish

Potential resistance around 5,768, TLU1, 5,894, TLD2, 6,010, 6,070, 6,125
Potential support around 5,637, TLU3, 5,433, 5,277, 5,139

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Broke recent low, new diff is formed.  Watching 9,924 level for potential turn to bullish

Potential resistance around TLD1, 9,216, 9,468, 9,679, TLU1, TLU2, 9,924
Potential support around  8,928, 8,758, 8,349, 8,087

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Pierce through DT channel and closed with small roc, bullish diff pretty extreme when compare to last few months, may see technical rebound in short term

Potential resistance around TLD2, 7,216, 7,417, 7,538
Potential support around 6,887, 6,695, 6,307, TLU1

Key event to watch out  (SG Time)
15 Feb, Mon

  • US and Canada holiday
  • 1055 CNY Trade Balance (Jan)
16 Feb, Tue
  • 1730 GBP CPI (YoY) (Jan)
  • 1800 EUR German ZEW Economic Sentiment (Feb) 
17 Feb, Wed
  • 1730 GBP Average Earnings Index +Bonus (Dec) 
  • 1730 GBP Claimant Count Change (Jan)
  • 2130 USD Building Permits (Jan)
  • 2130 USD PPI (MoM) (Jan)
18 Feb, Thu
  • 0830 AUD Employment Change (Jan)
  • 0930 CNY CPI (YoY) (Jan)
  • 2130 USD Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Feb) 
19 Feb, Fri
  • India holiday
  • 0000 USD Crude Oil Inventories  
  • 1730 GBP Retail Sales (MoM) (Jan)  
  • 2130 USD Core CPI (MoM) (Jan)  
  • 2130 CAD Core CPI (MoM) (Jan)
  • 2130 CAD Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Dec)

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