Sunday, July 26, 2015

Indices Performance Chart - 25 Jul 15

This week all the markets pull back between 1-4%.  There is no much economy data except for corporate (Apple and Microsoft) earning below expectation and China HSBC Manufacturing PMI (Jul) still showing contraction.  Market may be factor in possibility of rising interest rate?

Instruments that show buying interest from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)

  • Nasdaq (decreased for 2nd week)
  • S&P  (decreased for 2nd week)
  • Russell (decreased for 1st week)
  • Dow (decreased for 1st week)
S&P and Nasdaq broke new high this week but failed to hold and closed with -ROC.  Dow and Russell broke pwl. Only Nasdaq are still within trend channel.  Overall continue to be volatile.

I still have hold some of my short hedging pos while S&P and Nasdaq SL was triggered for those long pos added this week when break lhf.  

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Potential resistance around 17,775, 18,189 and 18,367
Potential support around 17,494, 17,271 and 17,083

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT
Potential resistance around  2,116, 2,129 and 2,137
Potential support around 2,086, 2,061, 2,043 and 2,028

Potential resistance around 4,640, 4,704^ and 4,816^
Potential support around 4,537 4,430 and 4,347
^Est figure using chart provided by Yahoo finance

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT
Potential resistance around 1,240, 1,276 and 1,296
Potential support around 1,225, 1,213 and 1,164

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