Sunday, May 10, 2015

Potential Trade (09 May 15)

Gold, Silver and Platinum
Symmetrical triangle form in Silver and Platinum looking for break down or break out.  Gold seem to have Symmetrical triangle too.
Gold COT buying interest is increasing yet to hit above 90
Silver and Platinum COT buying interest decreased last week after few weeks of increasing

DT, looking to short when break pwl, COT buying interest decreasing sharply

DT, looking to long when break pdh (2ET), COT above 90.Size: Small

Soybean Oil
UT, looking to short, COT below 10. Size: Small

Coffee Arabica
DT, looking to long but waiting for lhf 2ET. COT above 90. Size: Small

Sugar Raw
DT, looking for swing trade, within the range 12.5 to 13.4

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