Sunday, August 21, 2016

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily UT, Weekly UT
Consolidating between 5,430 and 5,617
Potential resistance around 5,528, TLU4, TLU5, 5,617, UT Channel Resistance, 5,735
Potential support around 5,463, UT Channel Support, 5,316, 5,266

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
Forming a small ascending triangle between TLU4 and 16,896.  Upside maybe limited due to neutral trend in daily chart and DT in weekly chart
Potential resistance around 16,581, TLU3, 16,896, TLU2, 17,328, DT Channel Resistance, 17,890
Potential support around TLU4, TLU1, TLD1, 15,418, 14,795

Hong Kong
Daily UT, Weekly UT 
It had run up quite a fair bit after broke out from symmetrical triangle, 23,463 is a crucial level to overcome and stay above for UT to continue
Potential resistance around 23,463, 23,969, TLU1, 24,892, 25,571
Potential support around 22,409, 21,682, 21,080, TLD5, TLD6, TLU2, TLD5, 20,011

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily UT, Weekly Neutral
Similiar to HK, broke out form symmertical triangle and had a good run up.
Potential resistance around TLU2, 9,658, 9,984, 10,182, TLU1, 10,711
Potential support around TLD4, 9,195, 9,006, TLU6, TLD6, TLU7,  8,637

Daily UT, Weekly UT
Broke out from directionless (since last posting).  Weekly Diff Support (6,781), a level to watch for potential rebound for any pull back.
Potential resistance around 6949, 7,047, TLU2, 7,079, 7,127
Potential support around 6,809, 6,578, 6,429, 6,297

Daily UT, Weekly UT
A new weekly diff is formed.  TLU1 will be an important support for any pull back.
Potential resistance around TLU4, 10,653, 10,930, 11,147, TLU3, 11,532
Potential support around TLU1, TLD3, 10,189, TLD4, 9,924, 9,679, 9,468

Daily UT, Weekly UT
Consolidating between 8,478 and 8,742.  Supported by UT channel.  If broke down from consolidation, may see testing 8,280 level
Potential resistance around 8,705, 8,836, UT Channel Resistance, 9,006
Potential support around UT Channel Support, 8,578, 8,435, TLU2, 8,223

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