Sunday, July 10, 2016

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
Broke UT channel lower band and recovered within channel. Need to break weekly diff (5,347) and close above for 2-3 days for more upside
Potential resistance around 5,316, TLU6, TLU3, 5,463, 5,528
Potential support around 5,266, 5,138, 5,025, TLU4, TLD5, 4,833

Daily DT, Weekly DT
In weekly chart, formed inside day in 2 consecutive weeks.  No clear direction.
Potential resistance around 15,418, TLU5, TLU6, TLD6, 16,581, 16,896, TLU4, 17,328, 17,890
Potential support around  14,795, 14,366, 13,843, TLD4, 13,315

Hong Kong
Daily DT, Weekly DT 
Moving within symmetrical triangle (TLD6, TLU6, magneta color), explosive movement maybe coming soon
Potential resistance around TLU2, TLD5, 21,080, TLD6, 21,682, 22,409, TLU4
Potential support around TLU5, 20,011, TLU6, 19,073, TLU3, 18,051

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly DT 
Similar to HK, moving within symmetrical triangle (TLD6, TLU7), explosive movement maybe coming soon
Potential resistance around TLD6, 9,006, 9,195, TLD4, TLU2, 9,658
Potential support around 8,637, TLU6, TLD5, 8,102, TLU3, TLU4,  7,479

Daily UT, Weekly Neutral
Moving within Diff after a new diff is formed.  No clear direction for this week.  Daily trend from Neutral to UT while weekly trend from DT to Neutral.
Potential resistance around 6,809, TLU2, 6949, 7,047, 7,079, 7,127
Potential support around 6,578, 6,429, 6,297, TLD2, 6,125, 6,070, 6,010, TLU3, 5,894, 5,768

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Direction not clear, trying to cover 23 Jun gap but failed.  Upside may see it cover the gap 23 Jun while downside watch for TLU2, long term trend support
Potential resistance around 9,679, 9,924, 10,189, TLU1, TLU3, TLD3, 10,653
Potential support around TLD2, 9,468, 9,216, TLU2, 8,928

Daily UT, Weekly DT
A new weekly and daily diff are formed.  Any pull back, UT channel lower band is a strong support for potential rebound
Potential resistance around 8,435, 8,578, 8,705, 8,836
Potential support around TLU2, 8,223, 8,085, 7,991, 7,929, 7,817

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