Sunday, March 20, 2016

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily Neutral, Weekly DT
Mentioned last week TLD4 will be an important support for any retracement.  Currently resisted by TLU3, if can closed above TLU3 for 2-3 days, may see more upside
Potential resistance around TLU3, 5,266, 5,316, TLU2, 5,463, 5,528
Potential support around TLD5, 5,138, TLD4, 5,025, TLD3, TLU6, TLU4, 4,833, TLD1, 4,696

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Continue resisted by weekly Diff RL and supported by TLU4.  In consolidation mode between weekly Diff RL and TLU4. 
Potential resistance around 16,896, 17,328, 17,890, 18,565, TLU2, 19,092
Potential support around  16,581, TLU4, TLD3, TLU5, 15,418, 14,366

Hong Kong
Daily DT, Weekly DT 
A new diff is formed, closed above Diff and TLU2.  If can continue to close above TLU2 for 2-3 days, may see more upside to test TLD5.  Any retracement, TLU4 will be the support
Potential resistance around 21,080, 21,682, TLD5, 22,409 
Potential support around TLU2, TLU4, 20,011, TLD4, 19,073, TLD2, TLD1, TLU3, 18,051

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly DT 
Broke out from consolidation and closed above TLD3.  May see more upside if can continue to close above TLD3 for 2-3 days.  Any retracement TLU4 will be the important support.
Potential resistance around 9,006, 9,195, TLU2, 9,658, TLD4, 10,182
Potential support around TLD3, 8,637, TLU4, TLD2, 8,102, TLU3, TLD1, 6,727

Daily UT, Weekly DT
Consolidating for 3 weeks.  New diff is formed and closed above Diff.  If can close above conolidating range for 2-3 days will see more upside.
Potential resistance around  6,297, 6,429, TLU2, 6,578, 6,809
Potential support around 6,125, 6,070, TLD1, 6,010, TLD3, TLD2, 5,894

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Similiar to last week, outside day on Thur and Fri closed with inside day.  Need to continue to close above 9,924 for 2-3 days to maintain bullish.
Potential resistance around  10,189, TLD2, 10,653, 10,930, TLD3, TLU4, 11,147
Potential support around 9,924, TLU1, TLU2, 9,679, 9,468, 9,216, 8,928

Daily DT, Weekly DT
Consolidating for 2 weeks.  TEsted TLD3 and rebounded.  May see more upside if can close above 7,538 for 2-3 days
Potential resistance around 7,682, 7,817, 7,929, TLU2, 7,991
Potential support around 7,538, TLD3, 7,417, 7,216, TLD2, 6,887, 6,695

Key event to watch out  (SG Time)
21 Mar, Mon
  • Japan Holiday
  • 2200 USD Existing Home Sales (Feb) 
22 Mar, Tue
  • 1630 EUR German Manufacturing PMI (Mar) 
  • 1700 EUR German Ifo Business Climate Index (Mar) 
  • 1730 GBP CPI (YoY) (Feb)   
  • 1800 EUR German ZEW Economic Sentiment (Mar) 
23 Mar, Wed
  • 2200 USD New Home Sales (Feb) 
  • 2230 USD Crude Oil Inventories 
24 Mar, Thu
  • India Holiday
  • 1630 EUR German Manufacturing PMI (Mar) 
  • 1730 GBP Retail Sales (MoM) (Feb) 
  • 1800 EUR CPI (YoY) (Feb) 
  • 2030 USD Core Durable Goods Orders (MoM) (Feb) 
25 Mar, Fri
  • Germany, Canada, India, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, UK holiday
  • 2030 USD GDP (QoQ) (Q4) 

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