Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hu Li Yang (胡立阳) sharing sumamry

Here are some of the pointers from Hu Li Yang that I have summarized it from the talk I went before

1) Statistic based on 40 countries, typically
  • the more challenging month for trading are Aug, Jul and Oct
  • the more easier month for trading are Nov, Dec and Jan

2) When the markets recovering after the crash, the potential strong resistance will be double from the lowest point.  The subsequent resistance will be every 5% of the double of the lowest point.

3) Bull market definition – continuous 3 white bar in monthly chart and rise more than 30%
3a) Symptom of bull market

  • Ignore bad news, sensitive to good news
  • 10day MA has turned up
  • Weekly candle has 2 up weeks
  • 3 month MA has turned up
3b) Warning sign of weakening of bull market
  • 3 days down continuous OR 4 days down in a 5 days trading week
  • Index should not drop more than 2% a day from peak or 10% in 3 days
4) Bear market definition – continuous 3 black bar in monthly chart and drop more than 25%
4a & b) symptom and warning of bear market will be opposite of bull market

5) 10 days MA use to determine whether is the stock alive or dead for short term

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