Sunday, August 23, 2015

Indices short term support and resistance

After failed to break out of Diff, sell down continue on last 2 trading days of the week.  TL4 and 5,025 level support will be potential for any technical rebound.  Failing the 2 levels, next support will be at 4,833.
Potential resistance around 5,138, 5,266 and 5,316
Potential support around 5,079, 5,025 and 4,833

Daily Neutral, Weekly UT
Failed to break Diff, broke hlf on Tue and sell down broke various support levels and TL4.  TL1 and 18,565 are the important levels for any potential rebound.
Potential resistance around  19,092, 19,740 and 20,052

Potential support around  18,565, 17,890 and 17,328

Hong Kong
Hong Kong also failed to break Diff and broke down on Tue.  TL1 and 21,080 are the crucial level for potential rebound
Potential resistance around 22,409, 23,969 and 24,892
Potential support around 21,682, 21,080 and 20,011

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly Neutral
As per my sharing last week, forming descending triangle and it broke down.
Potential resistance around 10,182, 10,711 and 11,080
Potential support around 9,658, 9,195 and 8,637

Hover along symmetrical triangle support for 2 days and broke down on Wed.  If you have shorted, should had taken partial/full profit.  Any rebound, TL1 and TL4 will be the resistance
Potential resistance around 6,297, 6,429 and 6,578
Potential support around 6,125, 6,070, 6,010 and 5,894

Daily DT, Weekly UT
After closing below TL3  on Tue, Germany gap down on Wed, broke 2 support levels and Trend channel.
Potential resistance around 10,272, 10,653 and 10,930
Potential support around 9,924, 9,679, 9,468 and 9,216

Closing above Diff for 4 days, failed to stay above TL1 and unable to overcome the selling pressure from world stock markets sell-off.  On Fri, gaped down and closed below Diff.
Potential resistance around 8,435, 8,578 and 8,705
Potential support around 8,223, 8,085 and 7,991

Key event to watch out  (SG Time)
25 Aug, Tue

  • 1400 German GDP (QoQ) (Q2)
  • 1600 German Ifo Business Climate Index (Aug)
  • 2200 US CB Consumer Confidence (Aug)
  • 200 US New Home Sales (Jul)
26 Aug, Wed
  • 2030 US Core Durable Goods Orders (MoM) (Jul)
27 Aug, Thu
  • 2030 US GDP (QoQ) (Q2) 
  • 2200 US Pending Home Sales (MoM) (Jul)    
28 Aug, Fri
  • 1630 GBP GDP (YoY) (Q2) 
  • 1630 GBP GDP (QoQ) (Q2) 
  • 2030 CAD Core CPI (MoM) (Jul)
  • 2030 CAD Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Jun)

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