Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indices Performance Chart - 15 Aug 15

Most  markets closed lower.  Germany got the worst hit, down by almost 5% while little changed on US.

Instruments that show buying interest from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)

  • None
  • Dow (1) (Sharp increased for 1st week)
  • Nasdaq (increased for 2nd week)
  • S&P (1) (increased for 3rd week)
  • Russell (increased for 3rd week)
(1) COT Index >= 90
(2) COT Index <= 10
(3) COT Index >= 70, rising COT Index, monitor for trend reversal from DT to UT

After recovered from last week, Dow, Nasdaq and Russell broke pwl.  S&P formed an inside day.  Dow and Russell had tested long term support, if next week fail to trade above long term support, may see more selling.


Daily Neutral, Weekly UT
Dow broke long term trend support (white)and recovered.  New Diff is formed.  To have upside, need to closed above TL3 for another 2 days. To continue UT, need to overcome TL2 and Diff RL
Potential resistance around 17,604, 17,775 and 17,922
Potential support around 17,351, 17,271, 17,083 and 16,503

Daily DT, Weekly UT
S&P broke TL1, TL5 and recovered.  A new Diff is formed.  To continue UT, need to overcome TL6 and must not closed below 2061 for more than 3 days.
Potential resistance around  2,097, 2,116, 2,129 and 2,137
Potential support around 2,078, 2,061, 2,045 and 2,028


Daily Neutral, Weekly UT 
Nasdaq broke TL3 and recovered, new diff is formed.  Need to overcome TL4 for more upside.
Potential resistance around 4,537, 4,640 and 4,682
Potential support around  4,347, 4,271 and 4,089

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Continue to be resisted by TL3.  For more upside need to close above TL3 for 2-3 days. 1,185 may still be tested.
Potential resistance around 1,213, 1,240 and 1,257
Potential support around 1,185, 1,164 and 1,137

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