Sunday, June 28, 2015

Indices short term support and resistance

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Gap up and broke trend line resistance but failed to close above trend line resistance.  Supported by another trend line.  Overall look weak.
Potential resistance around 5,617, 5,705, 5,735 and 5,845
Potential support around 5,528, 5,463 and 5,400

UT.   Created new recent high on Tue with new Diff.  It also broke lhf in weekly chart.
Potential resistance around 20,900, 22,500^, 23,900^ and 25,000^
Potential support around 20,702, 20,402, 20,114 and 19,883
^Est figure using chart provided by Yahoo finance

Hong Kong
UT.  In weekly chart, broke lhf but closed below pwh and -ROC
Waiting to cover the gap between 2 and 8 Apr
Potential resistance around 27,262, 27,496 and 27,806
Potential support around 26,679, 25,571 and 25,193

Hong Kong China H-Shares
Daily DT, Weekly UT.
Waiting to cover the gap between 2 and 8 Apr.
Potential resistance around 13,595, 14,047 and 14,513
Potential support around 13,021, 12,404 and 11,821

Daily DT, Weekly Neutral.
Potential resistance around 6,809, 6,949 and 7,047
Potential support around 6,661, 6,578 and 6,429

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Gap up, broke pwh but resisted by trend line
Potential resistance around 11,589, 11,774 and 11,893
Potential support around 11,363, 10,930 and 10,653

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Broke pwh but closed with -ROC.  Resisted around 3,355 level
Potential resistance around 3,355 and 3,405
Potential support around 3,301, 3,263 and 3,216

Daily DT, Weekly UT
Tested upper trend channel and closed around the level.
May monitor to enter on retracement when break lhf
Potential resistance around 8,435 and 8,578
Potential support around 8,223, 7,929 and 7,817

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