Sunday, April 26, 2015

Potential Trade (26 Apr 15)

BDI is yet to pick up, I will continue to goes small and slow when long

Neutral, Long on 21 Apr, SL triggered on 24 Apr

UT, Add Long pos on 23 Apr
Long on 15 Apr, took partial on 20 Apr

Heating Oil
UT, Long on 23 Apr
Long on 10 Apr, closed on 20 Apr


UT, will long on lhf break, COT picking up again

Sugar Raw
DT, Long on 8 Apr, add pos on 14 Apr, closed on 20 Apr

UT, Will long on lhf 2ET, COT picking up

Coffee Arabica
DT,  Long on 16 Apr, closed on 20 Apr
       Long on 21 Apr

DT, Short on 20 Apr, took partial on 22 Apr (testing Taos SL)

Cocoa Bulk Bean (UK)

From UT to Neutral, No trade, wait for clearer sign

DT, Short on 14 Apr, add short pos on 20 Apr
Will close position if closed above Diff RL

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