Sunday, April 12, 2015

Indices Performance Chart - 11 Apr 15

Surprised to see Asia markets are resilient despite poor closing in US on last Fri.  That is why is always good to trade with PA (Price Action).  Hong Kong up near to 8% this week due to Chinese securities regulators allow Chinese mutual funds to invest in Hong Kong listed companies.  Overall this week was a positive week for the most of the markets.  Quite a number of Europe and Asia markets created new high.

Instruments that show buying interest from Dealer/Intermediary (sell-side participants)

Up Trend

  • Dow (decreased for 1st week)
  • Nasdaq (decreased for 1st week)
  • S&P (decreased for 1st week)
  • Russell (decreased for 1st week)

This week, US markets most break pdh (previous day high) in lhf on Mon and created a new diff on Tue.  During the week, US markets also broke pwh (previous week high) in lhf (weekly).  Will sell in May and go away going to come for this year?  I will be see PA and get prepared for this possibility.  I will be  watching for Dow, S&P and Nasdaq to break trend resistance for more upside, or else more selling may come in.

All the hedge positions SL was triggered during the week when pdh or pwh was broken and long positions were added.

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