Sunday, December 7, 2014

EA Introduction

I have created 4 EA (Expert Advisor for MT4) for 4 indices; HSI (Hong Kong), Nikkei (Japan), DAX (Germany) and CAC (France) currently testing on Demo account.  Using strategy tester HSI and Nikkei look promising while DAX and CAC look good too but modeling quality is lower (56%) due to insufficient data, therefore need a longer period to test.  One of the main purpose to create the EA is to profit (when I am busy) on a long run and not aiming to profit for every single trade. 

The result is compiled weekly.  Will do a monthly review on whether to continue the test, fine tune or ready to run live.

The EA is created meant for intraday trading and the position will be closed before end of the day regardless profit or loss.  The EA is customized to run on Oanda only due to timing issue and offering.

The result is posted on the blog serve as a documentation to keep track of the performance.

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